Bushnell Trail Cameras

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Hybrid Trail Camera with Night Vision, Brown

It is one of the creative and innovative cameras equipped with an 8 MP high quality color resolution and you can have 1-3 images per trigger. It is specialized in capturing full resolution images and video on each trigger with its Hybrid Capture Mode. For the images it has the ability to display date, time, moon phase, temperature and name.

The latter is available with choices of low, medium and high levels along with the option of auto mode. It is equipped with many specialized features like a black and white text LCD screen, HD 720p video, a Night Vision flash, Field Scan time-lapse mode, shooting mode. It is powered by AA batteries along with an optional SDHC memory card up to 32GB. An adjustable web belt increases its versatility and user get facilitated with its 1/4-20 socket.

The time stamps are more detailed, GPS Geotag is additional which entrenches each image robotically. To capitalize on dusk and dawn movement, it also features New Field Scan, 2x that facilitates you two windows for capturing images. This model is also good for absolute stealth. It has day and night autosensor and is weather proof. You can get the results with optimum performance and stunning clarity.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Trail Camera with Night Vision, Realtree AP Camo (Model #119447C)

With prolonged battery life and quick trigger speed it has all the capabilities to let you run away with the game. It is actually a digital scouting camera that can be triggered by various movements of wildlife in a specific location that capture high quality pictures and video clips. It is suited to a list of applications like surveillance, wildlife monitoring and scouting game. It is water and snow proof and developed for outdoor tasks.

For the most flamboyant viewing experiences it features 720p HD video along with audio record, hence offers a full color resolution. It maximizes consistency in all conditions with its Auto PIR sensor mode. It is loaded with 32 LED’s that perform as a flash in dark locations. You can make flexible operating settings.

It facilitates you with the day/night auto-sensor. It has another specialized feature Field Scan, 2x, through which the user is allowed to set up to two windows for capturing images. At dusk and dawn it is practical for capturing time-lapse. The images get stamped with date, time, the moon and temperature in an automatic way. It is especially designed for the people who are interested to employ multiple cameras for scrutinizing large area.